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Dealing With Google's Malware Robocop

Google's Judge Dredd-inspired process for dealing with phishing and malware is a nightmare for the self-hoster

FSFE and a children's book about software freedom

FLOSS Weekly #708

SFSCon 2022 Presentation Video

The video and slides from my SFSCon Talk are now available

The Fediverse As Composable Distributed Applications

The promise of the Fediverse is much more than replacing Twitter

Keynote at SFSCon, Bolzano, Italy

I'll be speaking about an old-new battle to make open source about software freedom.

Speaking at Open Source Experience, Paris

I'll be speaking about an old-new battle to make open source about software freedom.

Interviewed Hart Montgomery

FLOSS Weekly #704

Talking to David P Reed

FLOSS Weekly #701

Trusting Charity Directors

Since open source charity leadership comprises the software's biggest fans, a thoughtful approach is needed to representation, conflicts of interest & breach of trust.

Q&A: Simon Phipps Talks the Past, Present, and Future of Open Source Part One

Part one of an interview with me by Intel has been published.

First AlmaLinux Board Election Announces 7 New Seats

I have been re-elected to the AlmaLinux Board.

Lesson of a Servant Queen

Whatever else one might think of the day's proceedings, for me this sentence from Archbishop Welby's sermon at the State Funeral is the fundamental wisdom of leadership in any context.

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